RP 2000

Data sheet:
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  • Its novel formulation grants it a great cleaning capacity and permits the developing of a high quantity of plates.
  • It contains substances which prevent the appearance of calcareous embedding in the plates processors, keeping it cleaner both the bath tank and the rollers.
  • Non aggressive to the plates aluminium oxide.
  • With restraining agents to avoid any attack on the image area of the plates.
  • Also suitable for use as manual plates developer.
  • It contains corrosion inhibitors.
  • It can be used itself to regenerate the bath or, alternatively, in combination with the specific replenisher: REGENERADOR RP 2000.







Revelador listo para usar. Uso manual y en procesadora

Available packaging

1000 L, 20 L, 200 L

Instructions for use

It is supplied ready to use, in automatic plates processors, immersion trays or tanks or, even, manually. Plates Processors: Adjust the bath temperature between 18º - 22º C, adjust the processors speed for around 30 seconds plates bath time. Manual application: Extend the required amount on the plate surface and gently rub it, using a suitable sponge or pad, until the insolated areas disappear. Used as bath Regenerator: The practical experience suggests a regeneration throughput speed between 70 – 75 ml/m2 of plates, depending on the net volume of plates processed.

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