Have you ever needed technical assistance to help you solving a printing process problem?

Would you like to have someone you can trust always available to help you?

Besides supplying our top-quality products, we also offer a specialised and customised technical service from a team made up by highly qualified printing technicians with experience using flat, heatset and coldset machinery and supported by a cutting-edge chemical laboratory.

 We can help you!

  • Technical consultancy, both pre-sales and after-sales.
  • Presence at every one of the tests conducted on our products (dampening additives, cleaning products, silicones, etc.) to adjust the machinery for optimum operation.
  • Resolution of technical problems in the workshop. Identifying causes and proposing corrective actions.
  • Regular checks on the dampening solution: pH, conductivity, dosing, etc.
  • Technical queries.
  • Advice on printing.

We promise to get back to you as soon as possible.