FOUNT 2012

One step fountain solution specifically developed to achieve the complete alcohol elimination in most sheetfed and narrow web presses printing conditions.

It meets the requirements of the main press manufacturers.

Data sheet:
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  • Non flammable.
  • Compatible with low migration inks, such as MGA inks.
  • Cost efficient recommended fountain mix working dosage.
  • Total elimination of isopropyl alcohol.
  • Suitable for soft and medium water hardness.
  • Buffered at pH 4.8-5.0.
  • Conductivity range within the standard printing industry values.
  • Very fast start-ups and restarts.
  • Counteract the calcium problem, avoiding the build-up in ink rollers.
  • Minimize the build-up in blankets and impression cylinder.
  • Reduced ink build-up in dampening rollers and ink feedback into the dampening system.
  • Fast and stable ink water balance.
  • Less ink consumption and higher densities.
  • Fast ink drying.
  • Improve the printing gloss quality.
  • Wide latitude as when printing with IPA.
  • Do not attack CTP plates.
  • Prevent growth of mould and fungus in the circulation system.
  • Packaged in cans of 20 kg, drums of 200 kg and containers of 1000 Kg.













Sheetfed fount. IPA free printing. It helps minimizing cal problems

Instructions for use

We recommend cleaning the dampening system before using the fountain solution. The recommended standard dosage is between 3 y 4%, and 0% IPA. The optimum conductivity in a fresh dampening solution is approximately 1450 mS/cm, with 3,5 % of Fount 2012 in a 250 mS/cm tap water. For a successful IPA elimination it is necessary that the fount cooling system is operational, the ink and fount rollers appropriately adjusted and the printer’s implication assured. If standard dampening system rollers are in use, perhaps the ductor roller speed should be increased.

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