Data sheet:
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  • Medium concentrate silicone emulsion. Easily diluted with water to get different active contents.
  • Dosage 10-20%.
  • Optimum and uniform particle size between 300-500 nm, leading to a very stable emulsion.
  • Optimum wetting of rollers, resulting in a uniform film of silicone in the printed web.
  • Even in highly diluted form, this emulsion has an optimum resistance to mechanical shear.
  • Optimum viscosity.
  • It contains antistatic for an optimum press performance, and then it is not necessary additional anti-static agents.
  • It contain waxes to improve the gloss and slip
  • Eliminate smearing, reduce streaking and prevent accumulation on rollers, bars….
  • It can be used with all most common dispenser systems.







Emulsión de silicona de alto rendimiento

Instructions for use

BURDIN M1 is diluted with water between 10-20%. The dosage can be easily controlled by means of a Brix refractometer. For a dilution of 10%, the Brix value is about 2. It is recommended to empty and clean the system before using the silicone emulsion. After that, adjust the dose of the silicone, depending on the job, substrate and application. If stored in the original containers and at temperatures between 5 and 30 ºC, BURDIN M1 has a shelf life of six months. If the product is used beyond the recommended shelf life, it is not unusable, but it should be homogenized before use.

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