Mezcla compensada de disolventes para un grabado eficaz de cualquier plancha de fotopolímero con procesado base solvente.

  • In contrast to other solutions used previously etching, these products do not contain chlorinated hydrocarbons.
  • Optimum temperature of the etching solution between 25 and 35 ° C.
  • Short times etching. Reduces polymer build-up inside processors.
  • Recommended drying time, 3 hours at 60 ° C (not to exceed 65).
  • Valid for any processing unit, as well for closed recirculation units.
  • The distillable product is easily used with conventional vacuum distillation equipment.
  • After distillation is not necessary a balancing. It is recommended to mix with new product at least 20%.
  • The SOLVENT LO has a low odor.
  • When used properly, in accordance with its intended purpose, the SOLVENT LO presents minimal risk to human health and the environment.

60 ºC







Available packaging

200L, 1000L

Instructions for use

It is recommended to perform preliminary etching tests:

  • Type photopolymer.
  • Process temperature.
  • Processing time.
  • Brush pressure.

The regeneration recommended for the washing solution is approx. 10 to 15 liters per square meter of surface and mm thick of the plate.

The target for most plate processors 3.5-4% maximum solids.

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